Dr Ishwarbhai Joshi presents Ancient Indian Tarot card, from India. Now Tarot Card Reading is easy as the keywords are on the card itself. For the first time in the world, Tarot Card Reader , need not to memorize any Tarot Card readings . Ancient Indian Tarot cards are Tarot Card for beginners .

All Tarot Card designs are the sacred scripts from ancient India. Dr. Joshi has research Bhrigu Samhita, 18 Puran, 4 Ved, 108 Upanishad and studied Guajarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Tamil, Odessa, Bengali, Manipuri cultures. He studied Jainism, Buddhism, along with Hinduism to understand Tarot Card Meaning and their significance.

He has studied Indian culture, Egyptian culture, Malaysian culture, Greek culture to understand symbols and Tarot Card Reading Meaning.

Tarot Card Reader can do Tarot Card Reading online , on his website Tarot Card Reading is Free .

Tarot Card Reader 's from India can do Tarot Card Reading in Hindi. He has written the Tarot Card Book in English and Hindi languages. Tarot Reading Free feature is available on his website but many Tarot Card Readers prefer to keep Paperback copy of his Tarot Card book with Tarot Card Deck .

Everyone can get the Tarot Card Deck from Amazon or Flipkart. If you search Tarot Card buy online you will know Tarot Card Deck Price . His Tarot Card Deck is available worldwide.

This Indian Tarot Card has strong base of Hinduism so people call it ,proudly as Hindu Tarot Card .

As everything is available on website, your search for Tarot Card near me ends. Tarot Cards have major Arcana, Minor Arcana sections. Major Arcana has Tarot Card Yes or No . Normal Tarot Card dimension follows playing cards size. Some old publications follow exactly double the size of playing cards. Ancient Indian Tarot Cards have different unique dimensions, 15x6 centimeters. The paper is duly laminated 300 gsm.

The Author to Ancient Indian Tarot Cards and book is Dr Ishwarbhai Joshi.

Ancient Indian Tarot Cards and book published in the month of October 2021 . It has published by IJC international. Dr Joshi has published this book in English and Hindi languages. Ancient Indian Tarot Cards and book is a tool of Astrology, to understand mysteries of life.

The Count is in quarter of a million Ancient Indian Tarot Cards and book is a registered Trade Mark. Ancient Indian Tarot Cards and book has Review by Sheetal Zaweri and few more.

The Reviewers have considered it as a tool to spread Gods words to the humanity, very positively. The Review date was the 16th Oct 2021. All have given 5 star Review rating. The review body: The rewires are spiritual guru and philanthropists.